antradienis, balandžio 03, 2012

Nida post mortem

I have this habbit from my corporate life to write post mortem whenever i finish a project of leave for another company. So i feel a need to make an overview of my stay in nida art colony, what i have done and to thank all the people that i met during that time. So here it goes :)

I met sand circles in the dunes. Remembered how to make food after one year of living on restaurant food. Unlocked "The man who would be a king" achievement while playing Civ V. Created mobile application for distorting pictures. Saw a fog of my life. Found nida air port. Took part in the pie battle. Learned that welding is not so simple as it looks. Created a stop motion video. Set one fish (plekšnė) free. Learned that getting visa to Russia is not so easy. Took part in planting pine near Thomas Man house. Improved "alaus radaras" project. Created sand storm movie. Got more insight into my self and met great people.


Sand storm.

Stop motion bee.

And i whant to thank :
Eimantas - for being my great roommate for a whole week.
Marija - for a company while launching a kite.
Ieva - for sharing thougts and experience about building a sphere.
Juha - for making me think about why lithuanians associate gender with inanimate objects.
Marianna - for great collaborations and spirit for gliding school.
Aivaras - for dificult task of beying my team mate while playing alias.
Bjargey - for showing that exploding espresso is nothing special.
Saulius - for new meaning for words "museum of local life".
Linas - for being a great night guide in the fog.
Yulia - for the most tasty movie.
Lena - for "I love you stinta".
Ingrida - for showing that you can start studying whenever you want.
Tadas - for killing all those tasty fish.
Vytautas - for great question when leaving colony.
Algis - for stealing welding mashine from firefighters.
Žiurkyte - for just being.

And everyone who was around during this month.

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  1. ačiū tau:
    už draugiją einant i paauglių faxą,
    už draugiją naktį prie jūros,
    už draugiją prie alias.
    už draugiją prie troskinio ir prie pyrago.
    Buvo smagu ir įdomu!